Obligations to regional agents

  1. ENLIGHT company should be comprehensive, system, continue to do a good job of "the shell" brand of the market planning, publicity, promotion, service etc.. In order to ensure "the shell brand has a competitive advantage in the same industry, enhance brand awareness, establish a good brand image in the minds of consumers.
  2. In order to ensure "ENLIGHT" brand in the country with a unified image of the face of the user, the company will be based on the specific circumstances, part of regional agency area signs, signs, storefront advertising decoration costs.
  3. New company shall timely and constantly develop marketable and reasonable price. "ENLIGHT" products more professional, serialization and visualization.
  4. The company has the obligation to assist the regional agent in the local set up a cooperative store, in a timely manner to provide business registration information, trademark registration, enterprise product standards, quality inspection reports, quality commitment and other related documents.
  5. The company provides market feasibility analysis report, marketing plan and obligation training guidance to the regional agency.
  6. The company of "ENLIGHT" series of products conforms to the enterprise standards or industry standards or national standards.
  7. Companies regularly or irregularly send marketing personnel to visit the regional agents, assist, guide regional agents to develop the local market.
  8. The company provided free related promotional materials, brochures, stickers, product display, recruitment garage clothing, a variety of promotional items to the regional agency.

Support for regional agents

  1. Information support: through the housing website in the most efficient and the most convenient and simple way for the regional agency to provide business operation platform.
  2. Technical support: regular professional and technical knowledge and marketing knowledge training classes, to help regional agents and their employees to quickly enter the state of work, enhance business competitiveness.
  3. Advertising support: the company with the regional agent in the local media to do product promotion, enhance the propaganda of advertising investment, while providing considerable support for outdoor advertising.
  4. Promotion support: the organization of regional agency for local or national product promotion activities, in the domestic large-scale industry fair, inviting well-known industry experts regularly lectures, product marketing and promotion planning held.
  5. Business support: occasional dispatch business management, marketing planning staff, assist sales staff to help develop the market agents.
  6. Storage and transportation support: provide adequate supply, quality and quantity, timely and prompt delivery, in line with the company's transportation costs paid by the company.

Agency system

(1)Division of agents:
Regional agents in all regions of the country are divided into two agents. An exclusive agency of the municipal authority (including the provincial capital cities and municipalities); the two level is the authorized dealer (not to be authorized by the exclusive agent). In addition to the above level, the company set up Li special agents (large system direct suppliers and teams).
(2)Sales of regional agents:
Regional sales agents must be in strict accordance with the scope of region, no more sales, if there is a regional customer demand, should be the prior approval of the Corporation, in recognition of the area below the sales of no agent.
(3)Municipal exclusive agents and the relationship between special agents and authorized dealers:
The special agents and authorized dealers can be divided into regions, regardless of level, who intends to use or operation of the company's products customers can use or business, corporation allowed in the same area of memory in a number of special agents and authorization distributors, and enjoy the same policy support.

Agency system

    Basic conditions of agents:
  1. Everything must have a legal license to engage in business activities. Procedures in line with relevant laws and regulations of the state.
  2. Has strong leadership, organization and market operation ability, have the courage and confidence of the enterprise, is committed to the market development and sales of the lubricating oil industry. Willing to work with "ENLIGHT" with growth and development, with the future investment perspective of interested parties!
  3. "ENLIGHT" can identify the company's operating philosophy; to accept "ENLIGHT company product knowledge, marketing training and management.
  4. Have a certain size of the business premises, there is a certain sales channels and market network.
  5. Engaged in auto parts, lubricants and related industry for more than two years, has a good business reputation and honesty.
  6. In order to ensure the smooth promotion of the regional agent shell "series of products, agents first purchase demand reached a certain amount.
    Two, business requirements:
  1. In order to ensure the interests of customers, the company required to operate in the territory stipulated in the contract, shall not be chuanhuo.
  2. "ENLIGHT" and shall not engage in brand conflict or similar products.
  3. Reasonable sales plan and order plan should be worked out.
  4. Pay close attention to the market information and feedback the corporate headquarters in time to facilitate the timely adjustment of the market operation of the headquarters of the dealer.
  5. Must be in the spirit of "customer first, service first" business philosophy, to promote product sales.
  6. In order to protect the integrity of the sales network, to fully guarantee the timeliness of customer delivery, there is a certain amount of inventory.
  7. With the headquarters sent by the business manager to assist each other in work and life, work together to start the sales network.
  8. According to the provisions of the company, the implementation of a unified and standardized image of the brand VI.

The dealer is not simply the middleman, but the real partners shared prosperity, grow in the power distributor ENLIGHT

Sales and service network flow, is an important guarantee for the housing industry's leading. Since its inception, the constant pursuit of higher shell terminal arrival rate and service satisfaction,To bring consumers more convenient, more pleasant consumer experience, leading in the field of lubricating oil, to establish a benchmark for the industry counterparts.

At present, ENLIGHT set up a number of regions in the country, the development of large-scale logistics distribution center more than and 200, more than 10000 service outlets throughout the municipality directly under the central government, the basic national coverage, on both sides of the Changjiang River, whether the Snow gleams white. north border, or four spring like Yunnan hot Xinjiang or Turpan, both economically developed southeast coastal area, is still being developed the western region, whether it is the thin air of the Tibetan Plateau, or humid rainy Chengdu basin, you can enjoy all the time, ENLIGHT quality products and services.

"Extraordinary quality, professional service", is ENLIGHT service declaration, is the housing market service and marketing network construction of the ideals and objectives, therefore, we continue to improve, and constantly go beyond, to walk with you whenever and wherever possible.


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