ENLIGHT lubricants limited liability company won the "Shanxi famous brand" honor, was awarded the "Shou contract re credit enterprises". Is a professional engaged in high-end lubricating oil R & D, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. With the shell brand lubricating oil, lubricating grease, brake fluid, antifreeze, filters, and other products, and with the United States Troup (TWOLOOP) international company, America Afton (AFTON) company, Chevron (Chevron) company, British Infineum (Infineum) international company established technical cooperation deeply and widely. Product quality is the foundation of the business, win at the starting point of the "Yinglai shell oil attaches great importance to product quality, the company has passed the quality level of the American Petroleum Institute API certification, ISO9001, ISO14001 and other domestic and international certification authority. So far, the shell brand's full range of products are imported raw materials, and strive to do the best quality brand lubricants.

Product technical support team and operation mode of the enterprise to provide protection from the British Yinglai Shell International Petroleum Co. Ltd. ". The company adopts the international advanced technology of lubricating oil, with superb technical team, advanced equipment and first-class management, greatly enhance the brand in the shell lubricating oil industry's competitiveness. In promoting China's environmental protection and energy saving, low carbon development and other aspects have been significant results. The shell lubricating oil using synthetic base oil, add foreign well-known enterprises of composite additive and oil soluble organic molybdenum friction system, based on the national standard more additive is added more than 25% of the clean dispersion factor (oil) special formula, high oxidation resistance, so that the friction coefficient is 50-100 times lower than ordinary products excellent adhesion; lubricating oil is the brand leader. This is also to allow our owners to use quality products.

“ENLIGHT” has ten years of procurement experience in the global oil industry, high-quality suppliers have supply management and optimization of quality after laid the integrity of the procurement channels. Strong oil reserves of up to 100 thousand tons, can effectively ease the pressure brought about by international crude oil prices. The shell of lubricating oil in the foundation of high quality, strive to implement cost leadership strategy, compared with the same level of imported oil, low price of about 10%-15%, so as to enhance the market competition ability. Which means it will also provide a very large market space and profit space for the franchisee.

China economic Zhefei, has prompted the machinery processing industry, automobile manufacturing industry of the Chinese, served as a pillar industry of the China pillars, and there are no mechanical rotating friction, and friction is the effective means to solve the use of lubricating oil, which was widely used in lubricating oil, is a life and growth in nature. With the development of space industry. The Chinese government for the protection of the environment more and more, which is in line with the thrust of the ENLIGHT lubricating oil products, the product has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, to meet the market demand environment, to meet the needs of owners, but also determines the "Yinglai shell" will have broad market prospects, will have a more brilliant performance.

Common development to assist each franchisee, headquarters will have a senior marketing consultant to join with customized marketing programs and on-site training in sales activities, the headquarters will launch a series of sales promotion programs, such as CCTV, local radio, magazines, outdoor publicity and gifts and other support, as well as the star brand image the endorsement and so on; and in a certain period of cooperation, enterprises will have stronger sales in terms of policy support. This support will be more let franchisees enjoy the shell oil products caused by market interest returns。

ENLIGHT company has a set of perfect information feedback system and logistics operating system, set up the customer service department will provide fast customer service service products and technical services for the franchisee, and will provide the franchisee with the management mode, to achieve efficient management. Smooth service and sales network, is an important guarantee for the industry. In the establishment of the northeast area, northwest area, Southern China area, North China, East China, Southeast Region in six major areas, the development of large-scale logistics distribution center more than 100 municipalities directly under the central government, service outlets million homes, basically covering the whole country, to ensure that every consumer can enjoy the housing products and services.

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