Warehouse management system is the company and the famous bar code management supplier after full market research and enterprise internal demand research, the development of the implementation of the implementation of a set of advanced two-dimensional code management system. The system through the two-dimensional bar code on the raw materials out of storage, production of finished goods out of storage for a detailed record of scientific and efficient management.

    Main function of the system:
  • 1、The use of bar code technology to identify all the products, records storage, a library of goods varieties, quantity and time.
  • 2、Using bar code technology to realize product anti fake.
  • 3、To achieve product cuanhuo.
  • 4、Manage product sales.
  • 5、Product quality traceability management.

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    B2B online order platform
  • • Dealer, large customers one-stop online ordering, simple and fast, accurate and efficient.
  • • Support customers to report information, including inventory report, sales report, planning report.
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